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Louisa Mogudi


Louisa Mogudi is a founding member and Director  of GMK. Her wide and diverse experience and network continues to be fundamental to the company’s success. She oversees general management of the business with particular responsibility for the crucial portfolio of new business development. Having entered the recruitment industry in 1998 and the wide experience she has gained in this period puts her in an excellent position to drive this business successfully.

Louisa holds an MA in Sociology acquired from Fisk University in the USA. Has served on various corporate boards and as a member of the IOD completed the major courses on governance, finance, strategy and HR.

Her career began in the academic world where she lectured at UNISA before breaking into consulting in the human resources arena. She moved a leading global Executive search firm where she served as business developer exceeding historically established targets.

Within the HR space she has been involved in market research, training and development women’s projects.

She has broadened her involvement in Human Resources to include all HR interventions through collaborations with experts in various fields.

Louisa has extensive experience in search and selection for Executive Directors, non–Executive Directors, middle and senior management across a wide range of industry sectors both locally as well as internationally.

Keletso Ramoshaba

Non-Executive Director

Her educational background comprises of a BA in Brand Management, which she obtained from Vega College of Brand Leadership in 2013. Thereafter she worked as a Brand Manager at e.tv broadcasting company in Cape Town. Subsequently at Ogilvy Bryanston in Johannesburg.Through these advertisement roles she became familiar with many leading brands in the TV, radio, social and digital industry. My job description was lead communicator between the client and the respect design team. She co-ordinated client – internal team meetings, presenting design workshops and debrief after client feedback.

She is currently undertaking studies for a Postgraduate Certificate Intermediate Phase at Cornerstone University Cornerstone University modules are based on a system    that is built on social relevance, ethical and academic integrity affording South Africans a global opportunity to acquire respective skills and knowledge in various industries. The modules provide a deeper understanding of the history of education and in-depth exposure in different teaching systems Online training and tutorials have also become a core aspect of teaching reaching a global market and audience

Teaching background

In 2019 after completing my TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) she relocate to China to teach English, travel and explore a new culture. Starting at EF School in Changzhou, Jiangsu province she is fully inducted and trained on the education and teaching industry

Personal Qualities

Her working experience has gained her valuable experience, strong skills in different teaching methods and understanding personal development. The international experience of teaching in China has also introduced different teaching methods in different countries. The culture exposure has personal taught me how to adequately represent myself, how to better communicate with others and ways to teach using technology.  She has found new passion in working with people, seeing them develop and grow has been a life-changing experience. Recognizing the ability to assist learners to communicate better in English has been a most cherished gift.

. With her vast experience of traveling and working in many different cities and countries around the world, she is well positioned to offer this in person or remotely through technology.   

She brings a wealth of experience and value through her digital communication skills also training and development.